The Tweetstock Story

I have always loved special events. For me these past few years have been a great journey and one continuous special event called Tweetstock.

Here’s how it all got started:

Two and a half years ago I was sitting at my desk listening once again to the same story line play out from an excited Lindsey. She had been at a tweetup the night before and had to share every last detail with me.

Finally, after a few months of listening to these stories I asked the question that put everything in motion “what the heck is a tweetup”?
Lindsey was happy to spill the details. A tweetup essentially is a get together of friends that takes the online conversation from the screen to the real world.

Why she enjoyed these events so much was because they were unlike any other type of event she had ever gone too. She explained that it was exciting leading up to the big day thinking about
all the people she would see and meet there, but more importantly it was exciting that the party continued online for days or weeks afterwards.

It sounded awesome. The only problem was there were no tweetups in this area and the closest ones were in Oakville or Burlington.

Sensing that this could be something I could get into and do locally I started to map out how a tweetup could look, Brantford style. Our City was in dire need of two things: first, exciting events that could bring out the best in our city and second, a spark for positive change. I was certain that a tweetup kind of event would not only be fun, but could really help people to get a job, grow their business or even spread the word about their charity or cause they believed in.

Now, up until this time I had never even been to a tweetup but I had been to a number of Chamber events. In my younger days I also promoted Music events. To me a tweetup sounded like a bit of both. I was certain I could make it happen and was excited to bring something new and special to Brantford, the town I am very proud to call home.

That was it, my mind was made up but there was just one thing, make that two things missing. You see, I was fully confident in myself to put the show together I just needed some more cre- ative thinking from two of the best people I knew who would not only understand my vision, but help me make it come true – Josef Stevens and Lucas Duguid.

So as I called Joe and Lucas and asked them to meet me at Callaghan’s on King George Road. We put together a plan, set a date for the first ever tweetup in Brantford, raised a glass and called it Tweetstock !

That’s how it all began. An idea, a dream, a team, a bar and good friends!

Trevor Cherewka



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