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What’s a “Tweetstock”? We get that a lot.

 “Where and how do I get started with Social Media?” and “how do I use this stuff to actually grow my business” are the two questions we get asked the most.

The answers are all at Tweetstock! It’s a “learn how to get’er done and have some fun” kinda Social Media conference!

At Tweetstock we don’t do sales pitches and we don’t do highfalutin strategic mumbo-jumbo either. We deliver the real goods on how to actually start and grow your business online, regardless of what “business” means to you, and we do it all in style.

At Tweetstock, we challenge you to think big, and then think bigger. Because you can do it and we can help.

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Small Business Owners

Your customers are your best salespeople. If they are happy with your products and services, they tell their friends. No question, word of mouth is the best and most powerful kind of marketing there is. The problem is; it takes time. All of that changes when you become a Social Small Business. With Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other online tools, you can accomplish in days what used to take years. These same tools can also undo in seconds what has taken years to build. At Tweetstock, you’ll learn how to do it right from real small business owners like you who have figured it out the hard way, and are willing to share their knowhow.

Not-for-Profits and Charities

There was a time when only the largest not-for-profits and charities, with the deepest pockets, could afford to broadcast their message out on TV and radio to a mass audience. The little dedicated team of 4 or 5 people, a co-op student and a shoestring budget, trying to save or bring beauty to the world, didn’t stand a chance of getting noticed. Not anymore. At Tweetstock, you’ll hear first-hand how to convert your supporters and donors into an army of passionate and committed do-gooders!

Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Starting and running a business or practice can be lonely and frustrating. Win or lose, each and every day it’s all on you. There’s never enough time, tools, money and resources. That’s the way it’s always been. At least it was until now. At Tweetstock real people, who are starting and growing real businesses, competing with corporate giants, and winning using social media, will explain how they are doing it and how you can too.


If you want to meet and make connections with exciting people who are starters and doers like yourself; if you want to learn from some of the best and brightest trailblazers on the Internet today; if you want to experience the peace, love and tweets of a real Tweetstock Social Media Rock Conference; then you need to be there!

The Tweetstock Guys meet the organizers of Tweetstock

Trevor J Cherewka

Trevor is the founder and leader of the Tweetstock movement. A self-proclaimed man about town, schmoozologist, marketing dude and twitter addict he is a starter and a doer that brings extensive sales, marketing, design. event management and years of business leadership experience to the team.

Kevin A Magee

Kevin is Tweetstock’s official biggest fan. He’s also a writer, serial entrepreneur, sales guy and Power Point performance artist who’s almost Internet famous. An experienced and accomplished leader, business creator, start-up veteran, senior sales executive and code monkey, Kevin speaks fluent entrepreneur, suit and geek.

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